Are You Straining Your Electrical System?

Are You Straining Your Electrical System?

Empire Electric Enterprises performs electrical service upgrades in Buffalo, Cheektowaga & Amherst, NY

Many buildings built before the 1970s weren't designed to handle high levels of electricity. To ensure your home or office can handle your modern energy usage safely, you may need to update your electrical system. Empire Electric Enterprises offers commercial and residential electrical service upgrades in the Buffalo, Cheektowaga & Amherst, NY area.

If you're living or working in an older building in Buffalo, Cheektowaga & Amherst, NY, call us at 716-634-0330 for a free estimate.

Hire a licensed electrician to upgrade your fuse box

Replacing fuses with circuit breakers isn't a weekend DIY project. Only a licensed electrician can safely

  • Handle hot wires: Electricity will still be running into the fuse box during the upgrade.
  • Connect wires to new circuit breakers: We'll carefully attach hot, neutral and ground wires to the breakers.
  • Verify that all connections are secure: Once the upgrade is complete, we'll test each breaker.

If you're ready to convert your old fuse box into a more reliable circuit breaker, call a licensed electrician in Buffalo, Cheektowaga & Amherst, NY today.